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Obala Foundation is able to work with organizations at all project stages.  Our target clients include national and international agencies with interests in Sub-Saharan Africa. We help identify projects with potential for high impact and assist funding agencies in critically evaluating resource investments from the proposal to post-implementation phase. 
For commissioned projects, Obala offers critical strategy analysis and formulates an optimal approach by leveraging its in-depth nuanced knowledge of the West African health care terrain. Where appropriate we can help implement the consensus optimal strategy for achieving project objectives.  We also offer longitudinal internal monitoring and evaluation services with independent progress reports and impact assessment.


Our work helps local and international healthcare organizations engaged in sub-Saharan Africa maximize their chances of making an impact and achieving their objectives.


We are a not for profit organization with a principal aim to further our mission of addressing health care challenges in the developing world. Our services are offered at the lowest cost possible and/or pro bono depending on the capacity of the client organization. Our funding comes from grants as well as individual and corporate donors.


Members of our leadership team, having lived and worked in Sub-Saharan Africa, are genuinely committed to applying our skills sets to promote development in the healthcare sector.  And truly, we cannot think of anything better to do with our years and years (and years…) of problem solving training!


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